For Vita Talalay the standard in cushioning support and ventilation is Superior. It is the way the inventor Joseph Talalay once intended his invention to be perfected. The unique talalay process is brought to perfection with more than 50 years of knowledge at Radium Foam. Vita Talalay® Superior is superior by experience. No other bedding product in the market offers such consistency, durability and highly ventilating properties. But above all it has a soft surface that gently conforms to your body to help you sleep naturally.

Vita Talalay®
The Vita Talalay® production process creates open, round air cushions that maximize air circulation and ventilation in the bed and make the product the most resilient choice for perfect pressure relief and good body posture. Vita Talalay is a superior component for top quality mattresses, toppers and pillows. All Vita Talalay® products help regulating body temperature and help to dissipate body moisture, making you sleep more hygienically. Sleeping on Vita Talalay® is like sleeping on air, an ultimate sleep experience.