Vita Talalay

Vita Talalay naturally sleeps better

Vita Talalay is the best in class talalay latex made by supplier Radium Foam. We are known for making the most pure talalay, just like Joseph Talalay intended it.

Vita Talalay promotes sleep on air; beds with Vita Talalay latex inside offer maximum ventilation, improving your sleeping environment; it helps you sleep cooler, dissipates body moisture and is therefore more hygienic. A breath of fresh air.

Along with an improved sleeping environment Vita Talalay also improves your sleeping comfort: being very supportive yet soft and relieving at the same time ensures an ultimate sleep experience. That is why it is the premium choice of bed manufacturers, hotels and retailers all over the world.

Vita Talalay has open, round cells inherent to its unique production process. Interconnected air cushions that maximize circulation and ventilation unlike any other product in the bed and make the product the most resilient choice for a perfect pressure relief and a good body posture.

Vita Talalay is available in Superior, Natural, Intuition, Embrace and FRX. Ask a manufacturer or store near you how you can benefit from a pure and natural sleep with Vita Talalay inside.